Working for the Big Picture Things

Tips for Obtaining the Best Home Insurance QuotesI have gotten into a pretty good shape fiscally. It is not that easy to do it, but I have cleared off all of the major obstacles to getting a house, although I am not talking about a mansion or anything that is close to a mansion. Instead I mean a small house that might be smaller than my apartment. However it is not going to have the noisy people who become a huge pain in my rear parts lately. I figure that I need to look for home insurance deals and start talking to bankers pretty soon. They have a lot of hurdles you need to clear before you can buy a house and I think I might have found a place that will suffice. Read more…

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Doing Some Work over the Summer

I am not really sure how I got this job, or at least it is pretty hard to explain the story so it does not sound goofy. I was dating this girl and she was a couple of years older than I am. At some point she took me to a wedding and I met this guy who I think was her uncle. He was the owner of an iowa city adt services provider and that is how I got hooked up with this company. He figured out that I understood all of the stuff that he was talking about, it all falls into the stuff I am studying in college and of course it was necessary to prove that I could do the work. Read more…

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Finding Places to Watch Movies on the Web

So I was looking around on the internet the other day. I wanted to watch a streaming movie, but there was nothing on Netflix that I had not already watched or that I really wanted to watch. At any rate I was looking around and I find this site, but it was something that made me feel like something was wrong. Apparently there was, but I do not understand what. It was supposedly something like or the same as this streaming site called let me watch this, but there is something that made me feel uncomfortable and after doing some research I found that other site and it had a working forum where they were talking about that other site. It had been somehow compromised and taken over by some other person or entity, I have no idea why that it was taken over or hijacked and I do not intend to give them a chance to do anything to me.

Of course that made me worry about the other site as well, and I do not want to download the HD codec that they had on there. I was using VLC player and it worked great on the site. In fact it works almost all of the time. I was using it on my big screen TV, because I have a 10 foot long HDMI cable that I can use to connect my computer to a 37 inch TV I have in my office at home. I do the same thing on netflix too, because I do not really like watching stuff on a computer monitor because it is too small. Of course I could just buy a media player or fix up one of the game consoles for it, but my brothers would be a pain if I had one of them in my room.

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Good Home Improvement Plans

select color swatch to paint wallHave you ever sat down and really drafted out a solid home improvement plan? The reality is that basic home improvement projects and even ones that are fairly complicated are very attainable for everyone to get done.

You just need to know how to think about them.

The first and most important thing to do is to decide what parts of your home you really want to work on. The reason you might want to do this is because you may be looking to sell your home in the future in which case making certain improvements will not only increase how easy it is to sell the home, but will also increase the value overall.

The other home improvement mindset you could put yourself in is to not worry so much about the home from an equity or sales standpoint and really think about what you could do to your house in order to make it a place that you really want to live in. The reason you might think about these projects in this way would be because you are not planning on selling your home and so there is no reason to worry about improvements from a “bang for your buck” perspective.

Now you can also take a measured approach between these two and first focus on projects that you would both enjoy and would give you a nice equity bump. Because it gives you more money to potentially tap into if you ever need to, and equity bump is never a bad thing. You can do this by tapping in to the value of your home through an equity loan.

Okay so what types of projects should be really be focusing on if you want to take a measured approach? I would do this by making sure I had either a very nice patio or deck area and by decorating the yard with a major amount of plants.

The second project I would work on would be making sure the backyard was properly fenced in and that there was a good amount of screen material to give your backyard a nice amount of privacy.

Doing these two things will not only make your house a much nicer place to live in, they will also increase your home value by as much as 25 %.

Have you ever sat down and really drafted out a solid home improvement plan? The reality is that basic home improvement projects and even ones that are fairly complicated are very attainable for everyone to get done.

The first and most important thing to do is to decide what parts of your home you really want to work on. The reason you might want to do this is because you may be looking to sell your home in the future in which case making certain improvements will not only increase how easy it is to sell the home, but will also increase the value overall.

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His Idea Helped Our Kids with Our Move

seat Limo - Limo in Toronto limousine services - Find the Lowest Limo ...When my husband told us that he was being transferred to Toronto, I got pretty excited. My husband was hyped about it too, but our children had a different view of it. They did not want to move three hours away and have to meet new friends at a new school. There was no choice though, and we knew that they would just have to adjust. My husband did an online search for limo service toronto, and he explained to me that he had a good idea that might make them feel better.

He found a limo company that was reasonable with their pricing, and he secured one of the smaller cars for our family of five. We still had to pick the house that we wanted to move into, and we wanted the kids to be a part of the decision process. We had it narrowed down to four houses, and we chose to go and spend a weekend there so we could make our choice. The kids were surprised to see a limo waiting for us at the hotel after we had checked in and had lunch.

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My Parents Came to Visit Me

... Corporate Limousine - Prom Limo - Party Bus Limo - Airport LimousineMy parents told me several months ago that they were going to come visit me for two weeks. I was looking forward to that, because it would be the first time they had been to my home. They live six hours away, and the trip was just too much for them to consider before. When my mother lost her fear of flying, it opened up all sorts of new possibilities for them, which included this visit. My dad told me he would rent a car at the airport, but I already knew that a toronto limo service was the only way to go with this.

It was only my mom’s second flight, and I knew that she would still be pretty nervous. I wanted them to feel as comfortable as possible from the moment they landed.

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Stepping out Onto My Own

jobs birmingham call centre jobs birmingham graduate telesales jobs ...Graduating college was such a finality that I did not know how to feel. Suddenly, a large part of my entire life was simply gone. One day I was attending classes like I did for years and years then the next thing I know, I’m standing on the side of the street looking down at an Employment booklet hoping that I will find some graduate jobs that reflect what I’ve been studying in college the past four years. It’s a frightening experience, honestly. While college will teach you to become independent to some degree, it doesn’t prepare you for the emptiness that follow when you’ve finished your academic life.

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Sleek Sound Matching Affordable Price: KRK Rokit Series

KRK RokitWhen you are picky about sound quality when it comes to speakers, KRK is a company that comes to mind when “good reputation” is the name of the game. The primary advantage while using Rokit series may be as sleek as its other counterparts. Along with the budget concerns and high quality performance, this brand has something to superior brag about. It definitely stands by its company reputation as the fruit never falls far from its tree.

In particular, the KRK Rokit series all have a very fantastic and trendy quality in them that is unparalleled. While it takes pride on its company name, the speakers designate a well-known discolored cones help to make your KRK series a superior product line. If you ask anyone employed as technical engineers and anyone involved in the recording industry for years, KRK has always been a preferred brand. There’s this pleasant feel every time the company logo lightsup each time you turn on these speakers.

No doubt, KRK has produced an incredible tough pair of speakers, even though they are somewhat heavy, with regards to the usual speaker dimensions. It features a curled denture layout that is additionally intended to get rid of any distortion that is included with inferior build quality. Moreover, the KRK RP6s have a very fantastic reputation inside the tunes market, and you can actually discover their whereabouts in numerous significant studios around the globe. Technicians are actually using them seeing the performance of these speakers for years, and KRK has established his or her Rokit displays among the ideal models inside the recording industry.

Some KRK models would likely give you a great flat result and have fantastic mids. Sound resolution is superb on top of that, but you will have to appreciate your presenter position to find how majority of these displays function. The appropriate position are referenced in detail in your guidebook so be sure to study it prior to deciding how to tinker with its controls. If you are looking for a set of displays which provides you with uncoloured sonics, next these is going to be ideal for you. On the other hand, due to the dimension (6″) there may be several missing features associated with bass result.

Considering the price grade of these monitors, the value is fairly affordable. Usual price ranges from $200 to $300 per speaker. This means you will get a set of outstanding monitors for your home recording studio for just $500. However, what I am not a fan about is its bass results. As the speakers are just 6″, you really should add the sub for anyone who is a huge bass fan. These speakers will never provide the ground-shaking bass you want when playing rock music. You will also find the entire array of the fewer frequencies of the sub could possibly be needed to achieve the sound quality you want. On the other hand, regarding mixing/reference requirements, your bass result is not a hassle at all.

KRK Rokit RP6 are monitors you will not regret getting if you are just starting up a small recording studio. In case you own a more impressive business, you really should spend an additional amount and put money into your RP8s to get broader consistency and bass results. On the other hand, amateurs can find these sound monitors enough for their needs as the performance will always exceed their expectations.

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12th Harmonic Latest

Democratic Convention:Day One

The DNC kicked off the week on a positive message. Some of the highlights are her for you to peruse if you missed it.

The Head On Radio Network is there broadcasting live from the Pepsi Center. We had our technical bumps on day one. Mark Levine stuck it out till the end to provide us the audio feed for all the proceedings. We will be there throughout. Your only source outside the for profit media. Exciting stuff. Guy Jamesландшафт and Mark Levine will be live from the convention daily from noon eastern till 6pm. Followed by Bob Kincaid, Strictly Confidential and yours truly with Fox’d up to round out the evening.

The two best speeches came from the mighty lion himself Ted Kennedy, and Michelle Obama. Both brought the crowd to it’s feet. Mark Levine commented through emotion to observe even the cold hard journalists in radio row were teary and emotional when Teddy took the stage. The Lion. The Legend. Passing the torch of the progressive agenda to Obama. Not the Clinton(s). Rightly so in my opinion.

Cariline Inroduces Ted Kennedy and Teddy Kennedy

Then there was Michelle Obama. Subtle jabs at the right using examples of how she and her family embody family values without using the term. My overall impression of the Obama family is one of honest care and truly passionate love for one another. It;’s a stark contrast to McSame ditching his first wife after an accident that left her disabled. Nope, on the right, it’s about having that trophy wife, or in John McCain’s world, a Sugar Momma!

MSNBC’s embed didn’t play nice. Here’s a link to the video.

The opening night was all very positive and happy. I expect the mood to change in dramatic fasion tomorrow. Hillary Clinton takes the stage. With the hatchet well and burried (I hope) Mrs. Clinton should come out ready to kick ass and take names.

PRAVDA (FOX) can’t take the heat!

It’s insane the concept that Fux News is providing the pool feed for the convention. In this clip (HT: C&L) we get a taste of the (hack , choke, vomit) “Fair and Balanced” coverage we can expect.

Fisrt, in the eyes of Fucked News, anyone left of a Nazi is “Far Left”.

Second, watch this loser of a kid (journalist) attempting to create fear out of nothing.

Third, When you ask protesters about free speech and they begin hurling insults at you. Perhaps you might consider your so-called news outlet is seen as a big part of the problem.

F$*k Fox News!!!!!

For convention coverage outside the ‘For Profit Media’, Get on The H.O.R.N. The Head On Radio Network

Brad Blog : Rove Threatened GOP IT Guru If He Does Not ‘Take the Fall’ for Election Fraud in Ohio

I find this plauseable. Anyone who pays attention Karl Rove is about as corrupt a P.O.S. as you can find. The comment threads are a mix of “No Surprise” to “The For Profit Media will ignore it” to a swath of trolls attempting to diminish this to hearsay. When it comes from someone’s council that the witness feels threatened, that is not hearsay. We’ll have to wait and see if this gets ant traction at all. I’m not holding my breath. If it does get a look in and pans out to be true. Just watch the rats abandon ship in droves.

From The Brad Blog:

Karl Rove has threatened a GOP high-tech guru and his wife, if he does not “‘take the fall’ for election fraud in Ohio,” according to a letter sent this morning to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, by Ohio election attorney Cliff Arnebeck.

The email, posted in full below, details threats against Mike Connell of the Republican firm New Media Communications, which describes itself on its website as “a powerhouse in the field of Republican website development and Internet services” and having “played a strategic role in helping the GOP expand its technological supremacy.”

Here’s the full email from Brad Blog:

Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2008 10:51 AM
Subject: Report of Rove threats against witness Michael ConnellDear Attorney General Mukasey:

We have been confidentially informed by a source we believe to be credible that Karl Rove has threatened Michael Connell, a principal witness we have identified in our King Lincoln case in federal court in Columbus, Ohio, that if he does not agree to “take the fall” for election fraud in Ohio, his wife Heather will be prosecuted for supposed lobby law violations.This appears to be in response to our designation of Rove as the principal perpetrator in the Ohio Corrupt Practices Act/RICO claim with respect to which we issued document hold notices last Thursday to you and to the US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform. See: and…tionFraudInOhioCourtCase.

I have informed court chambers and am in the process of informing the Ohio Attorney General’s and US Attorney’s offices in Columbus for the purpose, among other things, of seeking protection for Mr. Connell and his family from this reported attempt to intimidate a witness.

Concurrently herewith, I am informing Mr. Conyers and Mr. Kucinich in connection with their Congressional oversight responsibilities related to these matters.

Because of the serious engagement in this matter that began in 2000 of the Ohio Statehouse Press Corps, 60 Minutes, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, C-Span and Jim VandeHei, and the public’s right to know of gross attempts to subvert the rule of law, I am forwarding this information to them, as well.

Cliff Arnebeck, Attorney
Cell ###-###-####

cc: Robert Fitrakis, Esq.
Henry Eckhart, Esq

This stinks of Valerie Plame says ePluribus Media :

Ohio Attorney General Asked to Protect Key Witness in Election Fraud Case

In an email sent to OhioNewsBureau by lead attorney Cliff Arnebeck, who filed a federal lawsuit in August 2006 asserting the GOP gamed the system and won the state by suppressing the votes of various progressive-leaning groups like students and African Americans and who wants to revive the case to protect the integrity of the 2008 election, Nancy H. Rogers, the former dean of the law school at The Ohio State University and interim Attorney General, was asked to provide immunity protection services to Connell.

The immunity request from Arnebeck to the Ohio AG was triggered by information from a confidential source that Karl Rove, a kingpin GOP strategist, threatened that if Mike Connell doesn’t go in the tank for cyber-rigging the 2004 election in Ohio, his wife will be sued for lobbying law violations. Using this kind of hardball tactic to rain retribution down on an individual for not allowing himself to be “thrown under the bus” smacks of the identical retaliation tactic used to punish Valerie Plame by outing her as a spy for remarks made by her husband Joe Wilson before the commencement of the war in Iraq that no evidence existed for uranium being sold by Niger to Saddam Hussein.

It’s hard not to agree.

Troy King and I’ll Blow

Well it was bound to happen. Another Homophobic right winger gets nabbed being a man of double standards. One for you and another for himself.

Add the name Troy King to that list that includes Larry Craig!

Thursday: Kiddie Payola and BillySHEARS!

Right-wing organization paying kids for denying global warming
The right-wing organization WorldNetDaily (WND) is rewarding children for “debunking” global warming in a new video/essay contest. “The contest was launched early in 2008 and was designed to highlight the absurdities, untruths and downright lies that children are being taught daily about ‘climate change’ in public school,” the site states. (Many thanks to Bob Kincaid for the link!)

With stores limiting how much food you can buy, Lilo in the chat room has passed along a great tip! BUY LOCAL! From the Edible Communities website: “Our mission is to transform the way communities shop for, cook, eat, and relate to the food that is grown and produced in their area.” For more information, click here!

Plus, BillySHEARS on Jack Johnson! You’ll hear Jack Johnson discuss his love for surfing, his musical influences and his songwriting. Don’t miss it!

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